N3 Trader
Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Trading of N3 NFTs and Tokens

Use Cases

N3 Trader
  • 1

    Trade NFTs like trading cards!

    Instead of just buying and selling, use N3 Trader to trade and swap NFTs with someone else to complete your NFT collection!

  • 2

    Trade a single NFT in exchange for multiple NFTs

    For example, you can trade one N Series Neoverse NFT in exchange for four E Series Neoverse NFTs.

  • 3

    Trade with any tokens

    Created your own NEP-11 or NEP-17 token? You can trade with it using N3 Trader!

N3 Trader

Key Features

Any Number of Tokens

Trade with any number of Neo NEP-11 (NFT) or NEP-17 tokens

Open Trades

Create open trades that can be taken by anyone or limit the trade to a specific N3 address


All trades are conducted via the N3 Trader smart contract

N3 Trader

How can I create a trade?

Trade Example
  • 1

    Who do you want to trade with?

    Insert the N3 address you would like to trade with, or leave it empty to allow anyone to take the trade.

  • 2

    Which contract does the token belong to?

    Select from our list of verified contracts or insert your own contract scripthash.

  • 3

    Which token do you want to trade?

    When trading NFTs, insert the token ID you wish to trade. Specify the amount of tokens. Please refer to the FAQ for more details.

  • 4

    Add your selected token to the trade list

    Add any number of tokens to be traded. Do the same for your side of the trade. Create the trade when you're ready.

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